Tarot for the Times will be booth #12 at this year’s Body Mind Spirit Expo in Portland, Oregon (November 3rd and November 4th). I will also be doing a workshop on Sunday at 11 AM about establishing healthy boundaries using the tarot to guide you.

Click the link below, if you would like read more about what I will have to offer:

Establishing Healthy Boundaries Using the Tarot As Your Guide

I am looking forward to reading tarot cards at the Belmont Street Fair this Saturday, September 8th, from noon until 6 PM (that’s tomorrow, y’all!). Do you really need an excuse to join in a neighborhood party? Part of Belmont will be closed for the festivities. Look for my sign, Tarot for the Times, between city blocks 34th and 37th. I would love to give you a tarot reading!

I hope to see you there!