Tarot brings information to your fingertips; when you are ready to cut the cards the possibilities are endless! – Traci Goodrich

Free Tarot Reading: Lessons from the Trammps and Robert Frost

A tarot reading for someone out there! Is it you?

Tower     Chariot     Queen of Swords

Burn it down to the ground, baby!

The 3 D’s: Desire, Determination, and Direction

Good fences make good neighbors

Let’s break it down, shall we? 

Oh boy! When I see the Tower in a reading I immediately think Anarchy! Or, I at least think of the song, Disco Inferno (listen to the Trammps version here). I know, little anarchists everywhere are bristling at the comparison between the status quo being burned to the ground and a disco reference, but I’m doing it!

When you are presented with the Tower you must: think on your feet, look for humor or deeper meaning where you can get, and rise above judgment by taking a risk to get things moving again.

The presence of the Tower implies something is coming your way that will shake things up and some type of change will make a lasting impression.  Are you moving? Did you lose your job? Did you get injured? Did someone close to you get hurt?  The good news is dramatic events can be very enlightening. Sometimes seemingly unfortunate events manage to steer you in the right direction, but with fresh insight and a new sense of freedom. When your house is on fire, sometimes the only thing you can do is watch it burn, but the one thing that is usually left is the foundation. You can use this foundation to build something new. How can you prepare yourself for the challenge of real change? How do you want your life to really look?

It is no surprise to see the Chariot in this reading as we are in full swing with the Year of the Horse. The Chariot card comes up for people all the freakin’ time. The lesson: You are in the driver’s seat now and you are being pushed to own your power. When obsolete structures are removed what do you see? Is the path clear? It will be necessary for you to react with some haste. Sometimes you just need to get out of your own way. The presence of the Chariot card implies that you are in control and have the ability to chart a course that has power and meaning. It’s time to set things in motion. The Tower experience might be the catalyst that you needed to move forward. The time to respond is now.

The presence of the Queen of Swords implies that you can look at your life events with honesty and humor. The Queen of Swords is a breath of fresh air because she doesn’t mince words, she calls it like she sees it and sometimes that is exactly what is needed. You can trust that she will handle any situation with integrity.

Some friendly advice: If you are presented with a situation in which you must communicate with someone who has different ideas or values than you, it’s going to be important for you to be clear, direct, and concentrate on the facts. You don’t have to lay all of your cards on the table; choose your words carefully and model appropriate behavior using key social skills. Think neutrality, listen respectfully and be courteous.

The expression, “good fences make good neighbors” comes to mind, as it is brought to life in Robert Frost’s poem, Mending Wall, in which two neighbors come together to repair a wall, but the implication is they come from different walks of life. In my mind, the wall is a great metaphor that reminds us to maintain healthy boundaries by meeting in a neutral location and upholding some social niceties. What would a good neighbor do? When you are put into a position to fix what is broken, do you take the bull by the horns and get the job done? Where are healthy boundaries necessary and important in your relationships?

Are you a good neighbor (friend, coworker, sister)? When a necessary structure in life is altered do you patch it up to look the same or do you create something entirely new? If you are building something with another person, do you respect their ideas and values? How do clear boundaries help you and when do they get in your way?

Getting Witchy With It: Communicating with the Living and the Dead

With all of the cultural and spirit-driven holidays occurring this weekend ranging from the playful to the ritual, it might be meaningful for you to take some time this weekend and think about what you’ve learned and continue to learn from lost loved ones and express gratitude. Whether  or not you celebrate any of the holidays — Halloween, Samhain, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints Day or Day of the Dead — this weekend is a great half-way point for reflection and meditation on the cycle of life and death. The take-away will inspire you for months to come. I promise you this.

Ask the tough questions: What old way of being needs to die? Where is your weak spot? What habit needs to be broken? What karmic family pattern need to be released? Even though the pattern is not serving you anymore, what have you learned from it?

Ask lost loved ones to help you answer the tough questions and see if you get a response. Meditation is a powerful tool.

Write down the messages you receive on a piece of paper and burn it to symbolically release the old way of being.

Halloween also acts as a social kick-off to a holiday season that will last until the end of this year. As the days get shorter, darker and colder and we prepare for the winter months physically, mentally, and emotionally many of us retreat indoors to be with our community. Keep yourself warm and snug by making meals, talk about favorite family meals from childhood, tell stories from the past, look at old photographs and simply remember days gone by.

November is a strong month for remembering the dead but also communicating with the living. How you communicate will be important at social and family functions.

A tarot card that keeps coming up for many people for the month of November is the Queen of Swords. People who are represented by the Queen of Swords are clear communicators, they think things through, use a direct and strategic approach with their communication and have clear boundaries. Boundaries are so important when it comes to celebrations and social functions. What kind of boundaries do you uphold for yourself at this time?  Remember that it is ok to set time limits around how long you stay at social functions. You can also choose who you interact with and for how long. If there are some social niceties that need to take place, be cordial and stick with the facts during communication and skip the stories that create drama.

Your work? Strive to laugh more and bitch less. Rise above it.

For the month of November, I will be doing tarot readings that tackle tough communication questions with family, friends and coworkers. If you want to learn more about navigating tricky social functions or family/work drama seek me out.

Monday from 6 to 9 at Night Light Lounge

Tuesday from 6 to 9 at Corkscrew Wine Bar

Thursday from 6 to 9 at What’s Upstairs

Solar Eclipse + New Moon: Using your power to tell it like it is

Thursday, October 23rd promises to pack a punch with a solar eclipse and an extra powerful (and emotionally charged) new moon you can use to go deeper in order to explore your relationship with yourself and others; you have the potential to emerge from this experience feeling cleansed, purified and ready to initiate something powerful. Are you ready to communicate your truth to the world? Are you ready to sing your song? You are now in a place where you can make an innovative mark on the world. So, be bold and be brilliant because whatever you set in motion with this new moon has the potential to stay with you for a long time.

In order to move forward from a position of strength you will have to get in touch with what is holding you back. You are going to have to expose some hidden truths. Creative and emotional energy come from the same source. You cannot be fully present living your dream if you are stuck somewhere in the past putting a lot of emotional energy into situations that did not go your way. Sometimes the emotional work that is required of you involves a mirror. When you look at your reflection, what do you see? Are you someone who uses your emotional and mental power in a meaningful and constructive way or is your energy wasted exploring old wounds that are never allowed to heal because you keep picking at the scab? How does hanging onto emotional wounds hold you back from being who you truly are? How can you show some accountability with how you have chosen to communicate your truth so far? What do you receive when you give up control? What do get when you say you are not a victim of circumstance?

Sometimes healing wounds from the past is about compromise and sometimes healing wounds from the past is about letting go. Only you will know what decision is right for you and you will be making this decision from a deep and heartfelt place.

Your own psychic senses will be amplified at this time and will allow you to make decisions from an intuitive place if you trust your instincts. Once you decide which relationships you want to take with you into the next phase of your life, your life vision will have space and the freedom to fly.

If you want to know how you can better use the power of the solar eclipse and the energy of the new moon to create something bold, original and meaningful to your own life, join me this Thursday at What’s Upstairs from 6 till 9. I will be doing tarot readings that explore this very topic.

Location: What’s Upstairs, 736 NW 23rd Ave., Portland, OR 97210


Rhythm, Boundaries, Intention+Manifestation

Tap into natural rhythms, establish boundaries, set intention, and manifest 

I know, most humans do not want to return to a hunter-gatherer status anytime soon (because that life was way too hard!) but does the smallest part of you envy the simplicity and order created by following a natural rhythm or cycle?

The obligations of modern life keep us busy as we juggle multiple responsibilities, work more, sleep less and eat sporadically; technology also keeps the world humming 24/7 and the expectation now is that if you own a cell phone or computer you must be willing to work. I ask you this: What time is exclusively your own? When does the workday end and quality relaxation begin? And how can you tap into an existing natural rhythm to work on the stuff that is important to you?

Since natural rhythms are no longer intuitive many people have to learn how to slow down, learn how to relax, and learn how to just be. There are many ways you might choose to tap into an everyday rhythm or cycle, even if it is just committing to maintenance health rhythms like taking time to eat nutrition food 3 times a day, walking before or after work, or sleeping 7-9 hours a night (if you don’t have all 3 of these things, this is an excellent place to start).

A lot of people also need to learn about establishing and respecting healthy boundaries. Healthy boundaries keep everyone safe. It’s never too late to turn off your cell phone; this allows you to show up and be present in your own life. When you say no to picking up an extra work shift for someone else the 3rd week in a row in favor of spending some quality time with your child you show up to your own life not someone else’s life. When you say no to zoning out to YouTube videos in favor of low-fi activity like drinking tea and listening to a record you slow down and nurture yourself. When you set boundaries you create order and set a precedence. What healthy boundaries can you establish that will create order, add value, and simplify your life?

Once you have tapped into a natural healthy rhythm and established some boundaries with work or your social life you can create some time and space to think big. What cycle can you tap into that will help you focus, set intention and manifest your dreams?

Starting with the new moon on Thursday, October 23rd, you can join me at What’s Upstairs from 6 till 9 for the series, Manifesting with the Moon. Over four weeks we will work on developing skills and using tools that will help us get clear on our purpose and path using the natural rhythm of the moon cycle to chart our course and tarot. Please join me! This Thursday should be especially interesting because of the solar eclipse.

Address: What’s Upstairs, 736 NW 23rd Ave., Portland, Oregon

Contact me for more info: tarotforthetimes@gmail.com

2014 Mercury Retrograde Domino Effect: Stop the Madness

Have people been taking what you say the wrong way? Has anyone misinterpreted your texts, emails or everyday communication and responded in an inappropriate manner? Are communication breakdowns causing you to spinout mentally and respond emotionally by feeling upset, frustrated or annoyed? Don’t worry you are not alone.

The third Mercury Retrograde cycle begins today and will last from October 4th until October 25th. When you think things are going swimmingly with your relationships and all is well in the universe, Mercury Retrograde likes to step in and show you who’s boss. Mercury will let you know you don’t have as much control as you think you do. People will also step in and challenge you in kinds of ways showing you their unsavory side as they initiate and participate in poor communication cycles like gossip, slander and conflict  that cause you to feel sad, angry or even paranoid. Don’t let yourself be sucked in. Stop the madness!

How does the Mercury Retrograde cycle affect you?

It’s different for every person and some people feel the effect of the Mercury Retrograde cycle more strongly than others, but if you have noticed some weaknesses with your communication with others, a proactive person might spend some time thinking about the nature of action, reaction, and overreaction. If you find yourself overreacting or even find that you are working out the shadow side of your personality with people who simply don’t deserve it, it is time to take a step back and rethink your communication strategy.

How can you have a better experience during the Mercury Retrograde cycle?

Disengage if someone tries to prove a point using poor communication. Refuse to participate in what I refer to as the “Mercury Retrograde Domino Effect” (MRDE). Your response is key with poor communication: if you don’t obsess, overreact or become paranoid about what is said you will not be able to pass that energy onto other members of your community.

Ignore snarky comments that are not in the spirit of fun and good humor. Enough said.

Keep emails and texts sparse and to the point. Also, double-check that people are receiving important correspondence. Electronic communication often fail during this cycle. So, if you have something important to communicate make sure the information is received.

Take responsibility for your actions. If you let the shadow side of your personality take over, don’t blame it on Mercury Retrograde, say you are sorry and move on.

Assume your friends and associates do not intend ill will. Be gentle with your communication. Nothing is irreparable.

Ground your energy. When you are caught up in communication that affects the head and the heart, it’s time to go within and focus on healthy routines that get you out of your mind and balance the body. Start an exercise routine. Focus on making regular meals. Walk in nature. Paint a picture. Slow down and bring some balance in.

The ultimate challenge is to go with the flow. Ride the wave, don’t try to control it.

If you want to learn more about how to navigate communication during the Mercury Retrograde cycle come find me at one of my Portland residencies and we will explore the topic in greater detail.

Sunday, October 5th and Sunday, October 12 from 1 till 4: Flutter

Mondays from 6 till 9: Night LIght Lounge

Tuesdays from 6 till 9: Corkscrew Wine Bar

Wednesdays from 6 till 9: What’s Upstairs


Fall Equinox 2014: Reflection, Gratitude, Balance, Order and Change

It’s time to take stock, folks. The Fall Equinox is like the red-headed stepchild of seasons, not as fancy as the Winter or Summer Solstice but a chance to take hold and create some real change for yourself in the next six months.

The Fall Equinox brings a special opportunity to address some important questions: What is working in your life? What or who do you need to say goodbye to? How can you slow down and create some balance? What are you grateful for? Who can you say thank you to? How can you de-clutter your life? How do you relax in this world? What dreams can you invoke into being? What do you want to take with you into to the next year? And what do you want to leave behind?

Over the next week, I have some special tasks for you that will assist with creating a peaceful environment.

To restore balance to your world, pay attention to your physical body and your physical space.

To restore balance: you will need to slow way down this week. Sleep, friend, you need sleep. Make a special point to hang out at home not drinking (alcohol or caffeine), not being particularly social. Do the cleaning projects you’ve been putting off because you’ve had a fantastic summer socializing and having fun.

To restore order within: cut down on the excess. Do without this week: no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no coffee, no gluten, no dairy. Get the rest you truly need. If only for a week, shoot for 8 to 10 hours of sleep. Simplify. It’s only for week, right? Focus on eating good quality food and drinking pure water. Go for daily walks. Do some yoga. You NEED this.

To restore order on a social level: invite meaningful interactions into your life and keep any energy depleting people at bay. You will want to thank the people who have helped you over the last six months. Is it possible that you owe some thanks to yourself? Who is going to help restore order and balance on a social level?

To restore order in your environment: you are going to have to clean. I’m serious! You are taking the week off from drinking and socializing, so, why don’t you put a little love and elbow grease into your home? Wash the floors and baseboards (you know your Grandmother told you this is important), clean out the cupboards, wash some delicate things because it’s now or never.

Some cleaning tasks that will restore order: Go through your closets and remove any and all clothes that either don’t fit, have stains that will never come out, or have been worn thread bare or are just faded to the point of no return.

Get rid of anything that has been collecting dust for well over a year, without appreciation. This energy is stagnant, so why not get rid of it? Throw it away, let someone else appreciate it, donate it, create a free box, but let the energy move.

Go through anything that you “collect”, media is perfect. Books, records, clothes, all of that stuff, get rid of anything that is shredded. If you can’t read a book without the binding falling off, or the record skips every song, say goodbye to it.

Now for the fun stuff: what do you want to bring into being? Now is the time to generate a list of what you want to manifest in the next six months. Be as specific as you can!

Curious about how you can make the most of this seasonal change? The significance of the Fall Equinox will be explored at all of my tarot residencies this week and how you can make this special time work for you!

Monday night from 6 till 9 at Night Light Lounge

Tuesday night form 6 till 9 at Corkscrew Wine Bar

Thursday night form 6 till 9 at What’s Upstairs

I hope to see you!

Free Tarot Reading: Handling Your Piece of the Puzzle

Tarot message for this week:

10 of Cups     8 of Cups     5 of Wands

Socially, you want community, you want to be around people who “get you”. Finding your people is sometimes an undertaking, especially if you notice your family of origin doesn’t create the type of community you crave. But you know what? You can attract the community you need.

Be open, lead with your heart, but remember to create boundaries where appropriate. You only have so much energy to share with other people in this world, so make your choices wisely.

The advice?

Let go of toxic relationships, take responsibility for how you have used your emotional opportunities.

By taking stock and being honest, what’s the worst that can happen? You might choose to “work it out” with the people you are in conflict with, but be prepared to let go of some control. Handle your own piece of the emotional puzzle and allow others to handle their piece.

It’s ok to walk away from conflict; work with your strengths. You can’t control the actions of others but you can control your own.

Some questions to consider:

On an emotional level, who are you responsible for? Who do you need to establish emotional boundaries with? By addressing your fears about the relationship, how does it empower you to make choices that are right for you? How can you take a step back and deal with your part of the relationship?

You will find a solution by handling the details of your own life. If someone doesn’t “get you” or your method, it’s on them. You’ve decided to walk away from the heat.

If you are interested in exploring the juicy details of your life, come and find me! I have an new tarot residency on Nob Hill in Portland, Oregon. That means you get a bit of discount for getting  a reading in an awesome public space. 15-minute readings for $20 and 30-minute readings for $40. I will be at What’s Upstairs, from 6 till 9 on Thursday, September 11th. 

Free Tarot Reading: Patience+Persistence+Proper Pacing=Progress

Tarot Message for the Week:

9 of Cups     Queen of Wands     Judgement

I’m really awesome, but I’m the only one that knows it.

Just a little patience, yeah, yeah….

What are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!

Quick clues to the tarot message for the week:

The 9 of Cups represents a dream, desire, or wish — something that you want to manifest in your life, but, with this wish comes great responsibility. You have to do the work, regardless of what that work looks like. It’s not always stars and sparkles when you are trying to get a project off the ground — do the dirty work too. If this project has been in a gestation period for 9 months, now is the time to start telling everyone you know!

The presence of the Queen of Wands tells me you are up for the task, you don’t need anyone to help you, you might even be someone who likes most of the creative control anyway. You know what to do and who to speak with to get the outcome or experience you desire — use your network and keep the lines of communication open.

For this reading, the Judgement card has a dual purpose: to let you know you are definitely heading in the right direction with your creative project, but, when you get really close to achieving your goal you start to doubt yourself and back pedal. Keep your doubts at bay, and really focus on an outcome. You are so close to getting what you want, why don’t you finish what you started regardless of what you think it looks like? You are your own worst critic, let your audience be the judge.

Here’s a story:

A few years ago, I went cycling with my husband (who is a far more experienced cyclist than I am) and we decided to ride our bikes to the Sandy River that was about 15 miles away from our home. Getting to the river was a breeze, but the return trip presented a very painful hill that I knew was going to be a challenge for me to climb. When it was time to leave (and do the work) my husband did his best to cheer me on with songs of triumph and overcoming obstacles (the theme from Rocky comes to mind), but I was stuck in a negative thought pattern (When is this ride going to be over?) and felt genuinely angry that I had to climb this hill.  My resistance was strong: I didn’t want to climb this hill slowly, I wanted to power through the experience and get it over with, I wanted to be on top of the hill  (achieve my goal).  What I needed was a combination of patience and persistence.

Eventually, I DID make it to the top of the hill and I did feel like I had accomplished something, but, the real lesson was that I needed to slow down and accept the challenge that was presented as being part of the overall experience (even if it didn’t meet my expectation) instead of trying to power through and ignore what I perceived as an obstacle.

Here’s a great quoted from Steven Pressfield, author of the War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles, if you change the word “professional” to whatever it is you are working on (parenting, cat-wrangling, art, etc.) you can apply in whatever way you see fit:

“The professional steels himself at the start of a project, reminding himself it is the Iditarod, not the sixty-yard dash. He conserves energy. He prepares his mind for the long haul. He sustains himself with the knowledge that if he can just keep those huskies mushing, sooner or later the sled will pull in to Nome.”

Advice: Sing your song and allow other people to hear it; stop judging the progress you’ve already made. Do something to get your project out into the world. Use the “go tiger” attitude that is symbolized by the presence of the Queen of Wands. Use your network by making phone calls, sending emails, using your blog or social media, get your information out into the world, and, just wait. There is a big difference between productive waiting and just sitting back doing nothing.

Just a little patience, yeah, yeah, so sang Guns N’ Roses, but it’s more than that. It’s patience coupled with proper pacing and productivity. You might have to organize or work on some of the details, but you are almost finished!

Does this reading resonate with you? If you are working on getting your own creativity or passion off the ground maybe a tarot reading with me will help get you past any real or imagined blocks you might be experiencing.

Contact me today: tarotforthetimes@gmail.com

Tarot Event: A Day of Renewal in Portland, Oregon

I will be co-hosting a space-limited retreat called, A Day of Renewal, with Dr. Louise Rose of Rose Cabinet Medicine on Saturday, April 27th from 11 AM until 5 PM.

The retreat will be a daylong event with a potpourri of relaxing and rejuvenating options such as: detoxification, energy healing, body work, water therapy, holistic nutrition, intuitive development, stress management, and of course, tarot.

This event would make an excellent gift for someone in need of some TLC. Is it you? Don’t miss it! If you know someone who might be interested, please share this event.

A Day of Renewal at Rose Cabinet Medicine

 with Dr. Louise Rose & Traci Goodrich

 image of day of renewal             

What new seeds of possibility do you want to plant in your life this spring?         

Which areas of your health do you want to explore?

If you had more energy what would you do with it?

Are you ready for a change?

Come for a day of renewal and to rediscover what wellness feels like. 

When + Where + Cost:

Saturday, April 27th, 11 AM – 5 PM

Rose Cabinet Medicine, 2135 NE 55th Avenue, Portland, OR 97213

The total cost is $230. $115 will reserve your spot at this space-limited retreat. The remaining amount is due in full by April 15th. Contact Dr. Louise Rose to pay. 503-308-8608 Cash, check, or credit cards are accepted.

Wheel of Fortune: What’s the difference between fortune and luck, anyway?

Since it is St. Patrick’s Day, the appearance of the Major Arcana, the Wheel of Fortune has special significance.

The Wheel of Fortune is a card that explores the human response to the opportunities that are presented in life. You should be exited to see the Wheel of Fortune in a tarot reading because it often indicates that you are in a position to consciously work towards getting something you truly want, and maybe with a little luck, you will get it.

Here are a few phrases to consider:

Nothing stays the same forever. It’s all about perspective. As we sow so shall we reap. You are one lucky bitch! I’m still waiting for my 3 minutes of fame. What goes up must come down.

There is no better card in the tarot that explores the human experience with luck, fortune, and opportunity than the Wheel of Fortune. Many tarot decks show the Wheel of Fortune (aka the wheel of  life) turning and the people who are riding the wheel respond either favorably or unfavorably based on their position in life. Some people appear scared and cling to the wheel in desperation, trying with all of their might to turn the wheel against its natural rhythm, while other people seem to balance effortlessly on the wheel,  appearing calm and collected as the wheel moves beneath them.

It is interesting to note that the people who have a fear response seem closer to a dire consequence (say, falling into the sea), while the people who respond with trust and acceptance seem at peace (or at the very least appear out of danger). How do you respond when you are present with an opportunity? Do you respond with trust and acceptance, or do you respond with fear?

What’s the difference between fortune and luck, anyway?

Let’s break it down, shall we?

Luck  is success or failure due to chance. There is often an element of synchronicity or surprise. You might be taken off guard (pleasantly or unpleasantly). You are in the right place at the right time and it offers you a potential opportunity. You are given an inheritance that offers financial relief when you need it most, or, a friend calls you out of the blue and tells you about a job that is perfect for you. Luck is passive – you don’t have to do anything to receive it.

Fortune is success or failure based on your response to chance opportunities.  Fortune is something you have to work your ass off to get. When a lucky opportunity is presented, you say, Why the hell, not? There is an element of risk involved. You are shooting from the hip or acting on a hunch and it moves you in a new direction.  Fortune happens when you take advantage of every opportunity that is offered. Fortune is active – you make a move.

Here’s a pop quiz!

True or False. When you are lucky, you don’t have to exert much effort to get a desirable outcome.

True or False. When you are fortunate, you respond to every opportunity that is presented to see where it will lead.

How are you lucky? Today is a good day to start keeping track of how luck enters your life every day. It is your awareness and response to luck that leads you to greater fortune. Don’t cling to luck like it’s the only life-preserver left on deck. Know that luck has an ebb and flow of its very own.

Remember that YOU turn your own wheel of fortune by the decisions you make that lead you in new directions. YOU have control over how fast or slow your life moves. There is no guarantee that you will make the right decision or move in the right direction – this is where the element of risk or “chance” comes into play – you have to roll the dice and hope for the best.

How do you create greater fortune by saying yes to every opportunity that comes your way? How do you create your own luck? What characteristics do lucky people share? Feel free to share your lucky stories in the comments section!


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